This page is inspired by the /now page project, which focuses on life updates that are more generalized than social media status updates or posts, and instead cover things you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a while.


I’m currently an engineering leader at McDonald’s focused on a few interesting product and technology challenges that few other companies have. These include:

  • Expanding mobile payments and delivery services to EMEA and APAC
  • Productizing conversational commerce for order-taking

I’m learning a ton about cloud-native technologies and deployments, cultural and industry differences internationally, and leading a product transformation within an enormous enterprise environment.


I’m currently years old and counting.

Outside of work, I’m focused on life in the Chicago suburbs with my wife Abby and three-year-old son Miles. I’m increasingly (trying to) focus on my health, and I’m coming up on a year sober.

You can find the latest movies I’ve watched, rated, and reviewed on my Letterboxd profile. Most nights I like to watch awful movies that Abby and I can make fun of together.

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